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LASIK is a popular laser eye surgery that corrects refractive errors, or problems with the eye’s shape that impede clear vision and focusing power. During the surgery, a sophisticated laser is used to reshape the portion of the eye called the cornea; by doing this, light is able to enter the eye and clearly focus on the retina. The result is clear, crisp vision at a variety of distances without the need for visual aids.

The success of LASIK largely depends on the skill and technique of the surgeon performing the procedure. It is best to trust a LASIK surgeon that has performed thousands of procedures and has an excellent record of success. Dr. Thomas LoBue of LoBue Laser & Eye Medical Centers has been helping LASIK patients achieve clearer vision for many years.

Am I a Candidate for LASIK Eye Surgery?

Suitable candidates for LASIK are generally individuals who:

  • are diagnosed with nearsightedness, farsightedness or astigmatism
  • are over the age of 18
  • have a stable vision prescription (i.e., no significant changes in the past six months)
  • are in good general health
  • have reasonable expectations of the procedure’s outcomes

If you are tired of wearing glasses or contact lenses, and you believe LASIK might be an option, please request a consultation at LoBue Laser & Eye Medical Centers today.

Laser Eye Surgery Procedural Details

LASIK is performed on an outpatient basis and typically only takes a few minutes per eye. Prior to the surgery, numbing drops are applied to the eyes to prevent any pain or sensation during the laser treatment. A relaxing sedative is also administered.

Traditional LASIK involves using a special instrument called a microkeratome to create a thin flap in the surface of the cornea; the cornea is then folded back on a hinge to reveal the underlying tissue. In bladeless LASIK, a femtosecond laser is used instead of the microkeratome to create the flap. Once the underlying cornea tissue has been revealed, an excimer laser is used to reshape the tissue and give the cornea a more normal shape so that light can pass through and focus on the retina. Once the cornea has been properly modified, the flap is restored to its original position, where it seals itself.

After the procedure, the eyes may feel dry, gritty and sensitive to the sun. Patients are encouraged to return home and sleep for the rest of the day. Upon waking up the next day, many notice a significant improvement in the clarity of their vision. Most are able to return to work and their normal routine within a day or so.

Custom LASIK Details

Generally, LASIK treatment is tailored to the patient’s visual prescription. But in a customized LASIK procedure, detailed measurements are taken to create a “fingerprint” of the eye and identify small imperfections; then, this information is used to calibrate the laser that performs treatment. Customized LASIK generally produces more precise visual outcomes.

Schedule a LASIK Consultation

To learn more about the LASIK procedure and determine whether it is suitable for your vision needs, please contact LoBue Laser Eye & Medical Centers today and request a consultation with our team.

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